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Unified Communications and Collaboration, or UCC, is an ever changing market with multiple technology solutions. When making a decision on a UCC Platform or a segment of a UCC Platform, can cost an entity a lot of wasted time and money, due to not understanding the all aspects of that choice, which . The founder of DPS understood this when he started the company. Through the years he found multiple clients making platform decisions based on limited research and only focused on one or two portions of a UCC Platform, not the entire solution.


As a Consultancy Services, I have been in business for 15 years. As a professional in the Unified Collaboration market, I have close to 35 years of experience within this market. I have worked in both the hardware side of the market as well as the cloud portion, from a field technician installing the Collaboration hardware to a Founder and Chief Technology Officer for a Collaboration Service Provider. As previously stated, for the last 15 years I have held multiple contract and consultancy positions helping service providers and enterprises alike, to improve their service offerings to their clients and/or end-users. 



About Past Projects...

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Evaluation 

Tested, Collected, Analyzed the results. Worked with the manufactures to confirm the findings and provided a recommendation to the Client.

  • UCC Evaluation for an enterprise -

Assessed their current hardware, back office services, and user expectations. Understood where the client intended to move towards. Provided a needs analysis against the business and end-user expectations against their intended direction. The provided a gap analysis in a report to the client representing the Pro's and Con's along with a recommended direction for the client to follow.

  • Network Assessment 

Performed a network assessment to understand if the client's current network could handle the expected amount of real-time traffic that was anticipated. Reported back to the client on bandwidth choke points, QoS misconfigurations, lost packets, Jitter, port mismatches, and recommendations for issues found. We also provide Call Simulation Testing across the network and verify the anticipated throughput. Then provided a full report back to the client for all findings.  

  • Product Support Manager

Provided Cost analysis, Service Statements, and Sales support for a Cloud Service Provide.  The multiyear project also included working with the Client development, financial and operation teams to confirm service support and readiness.

  • Rooms Design Advisory Work

Provided neutral review and input to a client wanting to confirm the proposed rooms were designed as needed and did not include a bunch of extra's. Also confirmed the rooms was working as expected, and the users were trained by a 3rd party properly.

  • Advisor for a Service Provider on Channel Deals

Was an advisor to a service provider when discussions with their potential and existing Channels came up. Advised on the deal modeling and support models for each channel partner. Was instrumental  in closing Channel Deals for the Client.

  • Advised a Company of their Service Risks at a newly deployed collocation

After review of their deployed equipment at the collocation, found design gaps as well as wiring and hardware issues. Recommendations were made, but not followed. 2 months later their complete call center organization was down for which they called us back to resolve their issues, and follow each of our recommendations.

  • Advised one Collaboration company when they purchased another

Evaluated the for sale service provider, found that all hardware was out of date, applications were several revisions old, and that the solution had limited value. The findings allowed the acquiring party to purchase the service at a much lower price.   



About our Services

  • UCC Advisory Service:

Provides Advisory Service to Executive Leaders and Mid-Management under a retainer program for Clients that wish to have the ability to reach out to an advisor to bounce questions and thought processes off of. The Client may request this service with a set number of hours shared (i.e. 4,8, 12 hours), or a weekly or monthly set hour amount over a 3, 6 or 12 month duration. A client may use these hour freely through our scheduling portal one at a time or in a recurring manner through this portal.

This service is not for defined projects. Defined projects would be provided through our UCC Consultancy Service with specific Statement of Work(s) (SOW) with defined tasks and deliverables, for a set program fee.  

  • UCC Consultancy Services:

We offer a few options under our UCC Consultancy Services. Each consultancy option is provided with a Statement of Work (SOW). Clients can choose which of our standard service option(s), or we can mutually create a specific SOW for the consultancy work you wish to acquire. Below are the consultancy projects which we currently offer;

  • UCC Concept Programs -

You may want an expert to help you through the testing of room systems to find which is best for your operating needs. What do you need to be aware of? What are your needs based on your end user and enterprise expectations?

  • UCC Platform Evaluation -

Which UCC Platform is right for your enterprise? What are the Pro's and Con's for the desktop and remote workers? In the conference rooms? With the conference types we have? What should the User expectations be with a new platform?  

  • UCC Room System Certification -

How will you know if the system is working as expected? Are all of the features working? This service helps eliminate the service calls after the technicians leave.

We will come onsite to test the newly deployed system(s) with you or for you. The process includes a prior vetting of the proposal which was mutually agreed to, and build a check list from said proposal. A report will be generated for each system certification. This service is to help you ensure that you have received a system which works to your agreed requirements within your accepted proposal.

  • UCC Network Assessment -

Will your current network support RTP traffic expected when turning up a new ICC Platform?  Do we know how many connections can traverse our network in a safe manner? Will the executive Town Hall work for all desktop users?

This is a remote or onsite service. The choice will depend on your business and IT requirements.

  • UCC Consultancy Service -

You require a more specific service to help you move forward with a hardware or platform selection. The project will help you make decisions for your future direction of internal and external collaboration. This service will be unique to the Client's specific needs. We can mutually agree on a specific project for which an enterprise is desiring. We would first meet to discuss what you are after, and if we feel we can assist you we will work together to construct a mutually acceptable Statement of Work for the project.


As you can see our services are focused specifically on UCC advisory and Evaluation purposes. We do not focus on installations, that is for your selected integrator company. We focus on support your needs as a neutral partner, as we do not sell equipment, Cloud Services, nor design services. We focus on 1)collecting your expectations, 2)providing you with the options that meet your business needs, and 3) an evaluation on you estate, let it be your existing hardware, processes, use cases, training programs, and/or networking. All focused on the support of UCC services and your users success in using said services.


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