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NetObserv Assessment Services: 

NetObserv Service is a network assessment group of services. Service includes an onsite Agent which reports the data to our Cloud NetObserv Platform, to options including additional Agents and Call Agents as needed. The NetObserv Assessment services are typically provided in a remote manner, but an onsite engineer is an option. 
  • NetObserv Standard IP Assessment
  • NetObserv Rapid IP Assessment
  • NetObserv Rapid IP Testing
  • NetObserv UCC LAN Certification



 NetObserv Subscription Observation services: 

NetObserv provides observation of the Client’s IP network estate, or collaboration devices. These are observed 24 hours a day for the entire year or longer as agreed to. The observed details include the state of which the environment is operating. When an observed estate has an issue, which exceeds the set threshold, the platform will provide notifications to the client's support team.

  • NetObserv IP Subscirption Service
  • NetObserv RUP Testing Service 


UC&C Consultancy Services: 

We have been providing consultancy services in the collaboration services space to service providers and companies wishing to deploy collaboration solutions within their estate. DPS professionals are experienced individuals that can assist clients in the areas of service development, operational support, back office application, and solution selling practices.

Additionally, we provide UC&C Network Assessment and Observation subscription services to client who want to verify that (a) they are going down a technology direction that will support their business needs and not that of their UC&C vendors, and (b) there will be no surprises when a UC&C deployment is completed with respect to their IP network being able to support the additional payload which will be created...both internally and externally.   

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