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Dorado Professional Services, LLC (DPS) provides business development consultancy services in the unified collaboration arena for voice, video, and web collaboration service providers, in addition to its Consultancy Services DPS provides NetObserv™ Assessment and ongoing NetObserv™ IP and Device estate observation services through our NetObserv Service offering.  Our services include professional practices within respect to design, service development, operational support, back office application and solution selling practices, as it pertains to:


Consultancy Services:

Audio, Video, and Web Collaboration Services

OnDemand & Managed/Hosted Video Services

On-Premise, Cloud, or Service Provider Based Solutions



Indepth and Rapid Network Assessments

Observation and Alerting Services for Networks of all types


We are dedicated to helping our clients deploy solutions that work for their business and for their customers.  Through the combination of expereince and knowledge, we help our clients create the right collaboration environment which fulfills their business/service needs and the delivers a solution which their business require. This eliminates the need for their company to employee and carry costs which are non-core to their business.  Then, after the project, we make sure, through knowledge transfer, that the correct system and process knowledge remains within their company, so that daya to day management is capable through internal support solutions if desired.


Additonally, with the NetObserv™ Services we enable our Clients to have a complaince like feeling that their network is operating properly for Data, Voice, and Video, for internal Premised based or Cloud Based Collaboration Services. With NetObserv™ Service providing both a one time Assessment and the ability to provide an ongoing, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, observation and alerting solution of their different network estates. Providing further value the client and their end users.   

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