Providing Cloud Monitoring Services for Multitentant Home and Business Owners

Who Are We?

We have been a South Florida Business for over 13 years, providing consultancy services in the networking and communications space on a global basis. Services have included IT and Operational andService Development, and Network Assessment.


We have over 30 years in the communications and Technology solutions ranging from design to installations and service management to business development.


Our Ideal Client

They are Food Retailers that need to know when their Chillers and/or Freezers are they can protect their inventory from spoilage and their shoppers from eating spoiled food. 

They are the Condo Association that wants to let their present or absent owners know when their HVAC unit is off line, or have a leak in their unit, so that mold doesn't have a chance to grow and contaminate.


 They are Business Owners that want a Phone service that provides Enterprise like feature at a low monthly cost, and little, very little, up-front capital. 

Services for Multi-Tenant Units and Businesses

InAW Monitoring & Alerts :

  • Businesses - Environmental Health Monitoring of HVAC, Walk-In & Display Coolers and Freezers, Power and Leak monitoring solutions
  • Apertment, Condo and Townhouse buildings - HVAC, Water Leaks for Pipes and Collection Pans, Power Outage, CO2 Alerts


Cloud Voice (VoIP) Solutions: 

We have a Voice over Internet (VoIP) solution that we recommend if you want your service to simply work and not pay too much for.


Network & Hosting Solutions:

Connectivity Solutions for SD-WAN, Internet and Dedicated Connectivity

Physical and Virtual Hosting Solutions

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